And now, it works flawlessly! Let’s start with the easy stuff Power it up and in “Play” mode not “camera” mode. Camcorder off Connect firewire cable to camcorder DV port and Mac’s firewire port. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

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Can you configure the software to ingnore timecode breaks? You do not need any software that comes with the camcorder. I read on another forum that it was a necessary step. The latest Apple laptops seem to have b.

I’ll have to bookmark that site if I succumb to temptation: OK, I was wrong. Sharp bends can cause reflections of the signal as well as poor termination. But then, the video starts playing on the camera monitor where I can see what I originally recorded but NOT on the import window on the computer. According to the Canon website and this review: What kind of connector is the “DV in” and “DV out” connectors as per specification page.

It is looking for something it cannot find. When I launch iMovie, I get a window that has me name the video project, select the destination of the video project file or the default destination in the Movies folderand there is a drop-down that lets me select with DV, DV Widescreen or HDV OK, I’m a fairly new Mac user recently converted from a lifetime of PC use and a brand new camcorder owner so this is probably a fairly basic question I’ve tried every setting I can think of, and nothing works.


Advertisements or commercial links. The video does not get to the calculator.

Transferring video recordings to and from a computer HV30

How do you shoot your scenes. And it’s a superb camera. It is a QuickTime component which can be individually selected when a “custom installation” is done.

I would use the firewire connection for my external drives they have Firewire, firewire and USB2 connectors since there is no advantage to using the faster firewire – the limiting factor is the camcorder’s DV port limited to firewire speed Power adapter included 2.

Is your computer fast enough to cope with HDV? Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums–revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. Rirewire functionality, with really the same signals in a smaller connector, and no high license fees to pay to the HDMI creators. Name the file; select the destination folder for the video project; at the drop-down.


I want to connect the camcorder to the computer but the Canon website indicated that I need a Firewire cable to frewire them. One way to avoid this is to pre-stripe your tapes before a shoot. There needs to be a checkmark in the box next to it to make it active.

When FCP is active. The error for the batch capture: I guess you’ve used this cable on a million other jobs without problems but it’s worth checking.

HV30 FireWire Problem

It’s right above the HDMI port under a flap at the back. That should close the current project and present you with a window asking if you want to open a new project or an existing one – Create a new project and be sure the Video format drop-down acnon HDV i selected.

The 5 cables are: Does the camera have ? The software is bombing out because it can’t find the start of the timecode for a particular clip.