The card that I have has been running non-stop for about 5 months. The GTb is the 55 nm shrunk version of the GT, and the changes to the design are minimal as compared to the older 65 nm version. It is not Ft. Because it has to use a two wire digital output from the original source, it cannot do 8 channel LPCM or bitstream HD audio. In this configuration we are looking at a max power draw of around watts. Of all the components in a computer system, it is most often the video card that can give the greatest feeling of increased performance. The lower card is a reference GTX

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MSI N285GTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX 285 Review

Comprised of nearly 1. What we can walk away with at the end of the review is that MSI has produced a pretty tremendous card. Even if it’s used, I msj be interested. October 28, This is a half-node shrink from 65 nm, but TSMC was able to include a few new material advances at that node which have helped in overall power consumption. At max the GTX pulls around watts.

In the time that I have used this card on my main testbed, it has never glitched once.

While it is big, it did not skimp on the features or the performance. Latest News Latest Videos. With that in mind, I would still wait a few weeks before purchasing this or any other GTX card. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


It runs cool, it stays quiet, and there were no signs of the fans becoming unbalanced or dying, or the caps puffing up to explode at some later date. Priced as the card is now, I think it is a fair deal considering what else is out there. In this configuration we are looking at a max power draw of around watts. The slight overclock did not affect stability, and the tad of extra performance was appreciated. I have to admit, I am a big fan of what MSI n25gtx done.

Do you happen to have one available? The GTX is a very fast, and well balanced card.

During certain applications the fan spins up so it is the loudest thing on the test bench and in the test lab. Latest News Latest Videos.


A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I can safely say that MSI has made a very impressive card. The big question that we all will be asking in a few weeks is how this card will compete with the upcoming DX 11 products from AMD? Remember superpjpe briefcase sized boxes that were introduced with the GeForce series?


MSI N285GTX SuperPipe OC – graphics card – GF GTX 285 – 1 GB

Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? It is not Ft. I’m trying to find a second superpipf for SLI, but can’t seem to find one for sale anywhere. So when I came into PCPer, within the first six months Suprrpipe was able to lay hands on a high end video card that was sent to me so I could superpupe Ryan out with some of the non-traditional graphics tests namely video transcoding using CUDA and Folding Home.

That likely will change once the new generation of products hit the streets. While it is the fastest single chip board out there, it still falls down a bit when faced with either a SLI or CrossFire setup.

Even if it’s used, I would be interested. It is fabricated at the 65 nm node, and it is around mm squared in size.

Because it has to use a two supepipe digital output from the original source, it cannot do 8 channel LPCM or bitstream HD audio. There are few things more enjoyable than opening up a package with a new video card inside.