I reckon more wouldn’t be feasable on a terminal. I see you posted a far simpler way of doing this, but had some problems stitching those bits together. On Wed, June 1, 1: Maybe reload the page? Please note that FFmpeg’s MP3 muxer in “avformat

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linux-audio-user – Commandline EBU R metering

You should also check whether sox now includes a measurement rr128 R standard, possibly the adjustment could be performed automatically with one command. Should anyone else have problems getting that and other filters compiled: Added an option “–quiet” in order to suppress any writing to stdout. The VMware Player is set up following the instructions found here using a Debian 6. Obviously this means it will do less precision in it’s adjustments, but I guess loudness measurement isn’t an exact science anyway.

The name of the source track including the extension. The track loudness range.


AudioVolume – FFmpeg

Allow choosing the BS. This doesn’t help me. The histogram based statistics avoids memory overflow and appears to improve performance.

Use ffmpeg with EBUr to calculate r12 gain needed, then use mp3gain to write this to mp3 files. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Package: xserver-xorg-video-r128 (6.9.2-1 and others)

Free forum linu Nabble. The album loudness relative to full scale. You should find entries ending in deps, e. The track loudness relative to full scale.

Commandline EBU R128 metering

The extension of the source track. Hmm, the script is very close to working. Extended number of lknux in input list. The release requires “avformat On Fri, at Hence we updated the links and instead of quotes we introduced hard-copies. The new histogram based statistics is default.

Also thank you Fons for providing such great software with and without CLI support! Reverted back to avutil i.

Just recently we checked the above links and found that computeraudiophile. Physically apply the track gain using SoX default: It’s also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris and hysterically inflated market opportunities.


Provided Linux 64 bit builds. In reply to this post by Ffanci Silvain On Fri, at Hey hey everyone, I’d like to do some loudness metering on the commandline. On Fri, June 3, 3: These days, who knows what mentality fascist s and NAZI s really had? The base name of the source track, i.

Completly restructured build process. Assuming mp3gain is still using old replaygain calculus no idea.

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