I think so, really it’s up on the printer. You can see an example below:. When you have the class for the data and the template for the layout, you can print the ticket with this piece of code:. However, if you want to send data by COM in my solution please use the following constructor: Please see this peace of code: My printer supported for that.

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Member Feb 6: Alessandro Lentini Oct 1: One ; Please let me know if you need more help. As accessories, we have available the coloured sides red, silver and beige.

Member Apr Control print settings including color, number of copies, paper orientation, Cut mode and presentation. Ha usato qualche strumento grafico oppure a manina? Thanks Alessandro Lentini Jun Hope u reply me.

RawPrinterHelper helps me about this. In detail, the goal of the project is to use the printer with native commands escape sequences for best performance, but creating the layout through a simple XML file instead of using a complex fixed code. I use it in printing a fiscal receipt on module with Notch sign on top of the first copy.


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It’s possible to allign the print at the start of module first row after Notch sign? Alessandro Lentini Jun To download the files of this area please link to: If you can detail me more details, I can try to help you. ToLower ; if cmdName. So I have to print with printer name. An image can also be printed.

This site uses cookies, to learn more click here. Thanks Alessandro It is still a good example and helped me a lot! Show ” Ticket 1 no printed!

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So is it possible to send printer with printer name? Adding new language Alessandro Lentini Oct 1: Alessandro Lentini 9-Aug You can see an example below:. Thx for your code. How to create the template to use? Team Leader Mediatech Solutions.

I’m a newbie, your code is very useful for a little program that i’m developing. Net, J2EE, multithreading, etc….


Is it possible to modify your code for printing a larger image, reaching the paper width or at least 70mm? Nel caso di una lista, carica kuve i tuoi dati nella lista usando una classe che ha tutti i necessari attributi per ogni singolo elemento e poi fai il mapping con XML. Articles Quick Answers Messages.

Arabic Fast Print on Receipt Printers. But it is impossible to send images,barcodes,chance font family and types.