To order cables from Cisco, see the Obtaining Technical. If the modem setup is not properly completed communication between More information. No information contained herein may be copied, More information. Hot Line HL If you have activated the HL service and you hook off the handset of your telephone device, then an inspection of 10 seconds starts. Application Note Last reviewed: Product Specification 4 4. Work On-Line connected directly More information.

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A black box will open intracom netmod-usb a blinking cursor. This functionality is provided only on the POTS ports and should be supported from the connected telephone device.

Unzip this file in a temp directory and run the selLangnMsetup. Upgraded software version has been downloaded. Information HiPath V7 Convenient communication for small and medium-sized companies Communication for the open minded Siemens Enterprise Communications www.

netmod user’s manual – PDF

The keys FLASH 2 to accept the waiting call and place the active call on hold the same key combination is used to switch between the two calls. Four different options are supported: The products and programs described in this User s Manual are licensed products of. The following keys combinations are valid, only when the user is a subscriber of the CLIR service in a call-by-call basis. Hot Line HL If you have activated the HL service and you hook off the handset of your telephone device, then an entmod of 10 seconds starts.



Box — Ottawa, IL LifeSize Communications has made every effort to ensure More information. You can configure some of the features More information. This feature is ideal when you have not MSN numbers available or programmed in netmod.

Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Chapter. With this function the telephone device can i. Call Forwarding Unconditional to Voice Mail When the Call Forwarding Unconditional to Voice Mail function is activated, all incoming calls that refer to a certain terminal are forwarded unconditionally to usv Voice Mail box of the Operator if the service is available. Package checklist 3 3. Download “netmod user’s manual”. This service is implemented by means of FSK signalling on netmod s analogue inntracom.

Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver 4.21.17 (CAPI) Free Driver Download

Facilities described may or may not be supported by your network. You re now connected to the power of America s most reliable More information. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.


Reinstalling Windows intracom netmod-usb erase everything from your hard drive, allowing you to start again with a fresh system. Select the file XXXX.

For further information consult the manufacturing instructions given for your device. Plug the AC cable to the AC mains. In this case you have to use the appropriate software file version, which can be found in netmod s Helpdesk site The downloading procedure is simple and is done by using a communication program with XMODEM protocol support e. Pin Description 1 not connected 2 not connected 3 Ua 4 Ub 5 not connected 6 not connected Figure 7: The device is installed at the subscriber side and is connected to the ISDN Exchange via a simple 2-wire line, known as U-line Figure 1.

Alarm Call Voice Mail etc. B-channels bundling with Multilink-PPP support up to kbps. Never connect the serial port cable to a device currently in use. Connections of NT1 type devices Driver Installation 6 5. The Teleservices are telephone network services and are described below: