By visiting this site, users agree to our disclaimer. About the Author Jamie Lisse has been writing professionally since Type “Uninstall” in the Start screen, click or tap Settings in the right panel and then click or tap “Uninstall a program”. Everything is set up on there already. When I try this it shows the available firmware, then when I select accept the very next screen looks like its starts to download briefly then the error screen again

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How to reinstall Zune after uninstalling it?

Xbox Live service is active. Again, open a PowerShell window as Administrator. To learn more about accessing Zune services by location, see the Availability of Zune software and services by location page.

I edited the hosts file using This is exactly what’s happening to me.

Click Fileand then click Delete. Log in or sign up in seconds. So if I get a new hard uzne for my zune, this will allow me to use it? Hi, I am using 30zune the 1st gen.

Flushing the DNS Cache: Screenshot of flushing the dns cache. Device will be inoperable until connected to a PC so new firmware can be installed.


Zune Support | Download or reinstall the Zune PC software | Zune Software

I have two 80 Zunes. For Reinstalll 8 users: This will delete all content off of the device and allows firmware reinstall. Installing the Zune software on another computer If you want to install the software onto a computer that doesn’t have Internet access, follow these steps: Then, click Run in the File Download dialogue box and follow the steps in this wizard.

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Success! Updated the Zune firmware! : Zune

View more articles by Rob Rogers. Hpwifixitand RepairsUniverse. Download and save the most recent version of the Zune software package.

To do this, go to the Fix problems with programs that can’t be installed or uninstalled page. A message will appear on your screen when it finds an update that needs to be installed, and you should click “Install” to install it.

I’ve tried locally hosting the firmware files provided on an Abyss Server and using the ip address provided in both this opening post reinsyall the one in the comments.

This doesn’t seem to be working for me. Her areas of expertise include finance and accounting, travel, entertainment, digital media zunr technology. Running on Windows I’ve flushed the dns multiple times, but I still can’t get the software to apply the firmware.


Manual method To perform a clean installation of the Zune software, follow these steps: Just found the issue, apparently the zuneprod file was in the wrong place. For some reason when I try to add new songs now and try to play them back it says file missing. If you decide you want the preinstalled apps back, you can reinstall them with a single line of PowerShell code. The new IP is Are you sure you want to send these items to the Recycle Bin?

Diagnose and fix this problem Microsoft Fix it If you need to reinstall the firmware to your Zune, you can do so with the Zune software for your computer.