If you can get fit into the right setup to eliminate some of the distance loss on off-center hits and get a hotter ball flight, the FT-i could be a real distance monster. I had used it on a couple of holes as a loan, and after I received it I tried it on the range. It seems so easy to line up straight with it. In my first two rounds of golf I have been able to hit a and couple yard drives. This driver wants to hit the ball straight but if you dont put a good swing on it it will still slice or hook. It may or may not still have the wrapping on, but the club has never been used.

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After a couple of buckets and rounds I am happy with this club.

I don’t “work” the ball so it suits me fine. But while off- center hits go generally in a good direction, they lose neutdal fair bit of distance. I am not an avid golfer and have a swing speed of about Too stiff a shaft on your old club, and your ball may have started right, and moved more right due to a misfitted shaft.

Clubs with the calpaway flaws will not be accepted: However, a bucket of balls, changes to my set up, a few explatives and alas I began to see a flicker of light at the palatable end of the range. I would be very interested in hearing about this one compared to the Diablo Octane or the Razr Hawk.

Its easy to shape and easy on the eye, sits square and with the gaffalloy blue prob the best driver i have ever owned! Will be callawway the bag for some time i think!


Callaway Ft-i Driver Golf Club

Agreed a great club for under a bucks. However cllaway aside I have never in my life been able to push the yard limit on my sweet spot hit drives.

Chrome protective layer will still be in tact, with no pitting. The club was pricey which makes the results I am getting a bit saltier. On the course today, I hit calkaway monster drives with seemingly minimal effort.

Callaway FT-i Tour Neutral Driver

Neuttral had my grip, my stance and even my swing changed with my old driver but with the same setup i was hooking everything with the ft-5 so I just lined up straight and callaaay first one i hit went dead straight i was still hitting the ball off the heel all the time but i lined up with the toe of the club and that fixed that.

In perfectly usable order but cosmetically not quite deserving of a ‘good’ rating.

It’s got a good middle to it and once aligned correctly provides straight shots. The sound at impact is better, with a louder metallic smack and only the slight hint of the plastic sound that plagued the original Fusion driver and lingered a bit with the FT I am so glad that I found Golfbidder as I can now buy golf clubs on line with confidence after caloaway bad experience of buying a fake FT-i driver ffi EBay.

Having always been a fan of the more tradional shape of driver, i was unsure weather to try this type of driver but on the merit of my local pro i decided to try both the nike SUMO and the FT-I and the now owning the FT-I this driver go’s a mile and exactly where you want it to.

There may be one or two minor wear marks on graphite shafts where they have rubbed against the bag. I will trade this driver in for a loss I am afraid for something else. If not we will supply a plain cover head cover free of charge.


Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

My drives are straighter longer and more importantly much more consistant than ever before. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Questions If you have a query regarding this item, please login you need to be a registered usercomplete the box below and click “submit”. If you have a query regarding this item, please login you need to be a registered usercomplete the box below and click “submit”. If there are any marks at all on the head they will be very light. Alternatively, phone us during office hours on The FT-I was released in lofts of 9,10, 11 and 13 degrees and the standard shaft offering was a made for Callaway Fuji Speeder First, it is true that unless you calalway this club in the sweet spot it seems to loose a little distance over other clubs I have hit.

Callaway FT-i Tour Neutral Driver – Callaway Drivers – Golfbidder

Once I got the tee height fixed I found my hits were center high and it felt like butter and flew off the face. So, put on a Winn grip, and much, much better.

I noticed that teeing the callawway higher with the FT-i has also helped compared to teeing very low with with the GBB.