LW Atheros chipset and drivers from Sweex are absolutely not the ones as in this post, but I had to do something desperation When they changed back to an earlier version they were ok. Even so, a working, Mbps connection is infinitely better than a consistently crashing Mbps one! Problem solved It’s worth mentioning that the Atheros cards work beautifully when a good driver’s found. I noticed the core boot potential in the X60s too and would like to try that some day.

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I joined techspot just to save others a lot of work. Customer ID is 0x00 [ When some underlying kernel things changed, some people had trouble with their ath5k setups. Maybe it will be faster than the Etekcity USB?

And speed has improved noticably. The fact they are still working at all is pretty impressive given the majority have moved on. If you want me to try again, Xtheros will. It was definitely an issue with the driver, because the card worked flawlessly in Linux with MadWifi drivers.

I opened its Properties window from its context menu, went into the Driver tab, and clicked Update Driver However it is as if it cannot wait long enough for the DCHP type info to be picked up It must be there, other devices pick it up ok. I tried the older version first – Same ar521 I read about some ath5k bugs: Anyway, the link below gives instructions on how to remove ‘hidden’ devices in device manager. Login or register to post comments 15 replies [ Last post ]. The driver mentioned here being an Atheros driver should probably work with a wide variety of other Atheros cards too, Atheros implement a more or less ‘one size fits all’ ar5231 policy.


While it sounds stupid, this was what I had to do with my WGv2, to get it do do anything at all in the computer that didn’t seem to like it. I notice the “Invalid misc: Do you want atherso continue installing this driver?

ath5k – Debian Wiki

It seems to me that the software is assuming some sort of blessed ag5212 has taken place because certain steps have transpired without a problem. One hand into the other. I never thought about thoseā€¦. Have you installed a driver for your Atheros card before? There’s lots I need to figure out in Trisquel yet as I try to set it up for daily use.

Even so, a working, Mbps connection is infinitely better than a consistently crashing Mbps one!

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

By now, I have tried numerous drivers that all claimed to support the AR chipset under Windows XP, but they all had the same problems; with some of them, the lockups would stay away a little longer, and I could even do a small download, but eventually, they would all cause the system to lock up.


My previously laptop had a WiFi card that used ath9k instead of your which uses ath5k.

It did for other people, for years they say. Please read and follow the Community Guidelines. Windows gave me an Update Driver Warning, telling me that Installing this device driver is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware.

Also will check the dd-wrt forum. As others have mentioned, the freezes seem to happen when there’s a lot of traffic, such as downloading or viewing streaming video.

The driver you provided a charm. Output follows below along with my notes when I had something to add Lenovo ThinkPad X60s [17aa: It was a card that was available for the ThinkPad X60s.