With this license, each individual developer may install Apollo on any number of their dedicated development machines. Architecture Apollo database engine supports the following scenarios with applications developed using the Apollo components , including the Apollo Server since it was developed using the Apollo VCL components. I love your products. It is included with Apollo Embedded and Apollo Server. Returns the average of the values in a specified column or an expression. If you want to use the bit version of Apollo: This gives you access to ongoing free updates and upgrade discounts to major releases.

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I purchased the upgrade today. Apollo Embedded includes everything developers need to create native bit and bit Windows and. Apollo just got Hardcore! MAX Calculates the largest value for a numeric column. Calculate the smallest value for a numeric column.

Apollo Embedded 9.5

POS Searches for a substring within a string. Apollo’s VCL components are fully Borland TDataSet compatible, which mean they are fully compatible with Borland’s and third party data aware controls.

The BDE is an awkward collection of database technologies that performs various unrelated functions including third party database connectivity and native database management of legacy dBASE and Paradox database files. Returns the value of e raised to the power of X, where e is the base of the natural logarithms. Rounds a float-type value to a given precision decimals.


Truncates a float-type value to a given precision decimals. In previous versions of Apollo, components were packaged individually as specific Apollo editions and sold separately e. The VCL provides high-speed access into a Apollo database. Returns the leftmost Count characters contained in a string. I purchased the upgrade today. Evaluates a Boolean statement, returning one value for True and another for False.

Returns the Integer position of a Float value.

Returns the number of characters actually used in a string. Returns the highest value of the n figures. Apollo products are sold on a “per-developer” licensing model.

Runs SQL queries and commands apoklo manage database files. This means that when you purchase Apollo, you are actually purchasing an Apollo license that is registered to you, the individual developer or company, for life.

Apollo Embedded

EXP Returns the value of e raised to the power of X, where e is the base of the natural logarithms. MIN Calculate the smallest value for a numeric column. Returns the sum of all values in a column. Apollo just got Hardcore!


Apollo 9.5 – VCL Components

I love your products. If multiple developers share a computer, each developer must own an Apollo license. Each developer who uses Apollo must obtain a license.

Tools Apollo Embedded includes the following two utilities for managing and working with your data files: Applications I developed with Apollo over the last decade have aced the test of time, with heavy daily use. Creates a new index for a given table.

Instead, use the Apollo Embedded components to develop your applications. What am I paying for when I buy Apollo? Formats the series of arguments in the list of arguments. This collection of unrelated functionality adds needless overhead to your applications and is the source of many configuration, deployment and BDE versioning issues — all of which can be avoided by replacing the BDE with Apollo. TApolloQuery works with TDatasource and is fully compatible with data aware components.