Sign up using Email and Password. The circuit went well in oscilator section but output voltage accross flyback was too low. I only use the 10 amp connection…. So, what can be the problem here? Or shield the driving part well with aluminum e.

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Flyback Transformer Drivers

I will measure some day. If you’re over 40 you will need to confirm this with your kids. The primary must be wound directly onto the exposed ferrite core.

Then pin 8 is connected to R1 to pin 7? Connect the ground to the steel spring that holds the two cores together, do not make a loop around the core.

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This simple driver circuit is quite efficient if tuned correctly. Your timer configuration did not produce a square wave at the output and conducted all the time instead.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the flybacj is subject to these policies. I use 12V 2A power supply i added uF capacitor at the power supply. It should be around 1 ohm. It was once my plan to make a improved version with a simple driver stage with two transistors as you mention.


Obviously this is easier in a room with draft or if you shield the arc from wind. June 11, at Rlyback if you want to be absolutely sure you could make a multiplier, fljback.

If I do get the circuit working moscet would increase the length of the plasma arc? But the common in the circuit is about 20 V above ground and I get short-circuits.

why 555 based flyback drivers explode 555 ICs

I redid the flyback test so I know that its working fine. I just tried winding my own coils on the flyback core and after about 30 seconds a burning smell started coming from the MOSFET. You need audio source that is powerful enough to drive the pin 5 of the timer, maybe you just need to turn up the volume for the output of the radio, using the line output will properly not ,osfet enough!

I havent got the data sheet for the so I cant say what its output circuit is like but the lack of control of the gate drive is critical, to my mind. Help identifying strange lfyback terminal style Started by Killians Yesterday at The primary coil of a ignition coil could have too many windings compared to the few you could wind yourself on a flyback transformer.


Is it a digital multimeter misreading? Also you don’t need to worry about destroying the internal primary during the experimentation phase. James Howells – Tou Tue sparkfishes says: I did a quick current draw test and found that I was drawing around A from a 12V source using my wound primary coil but when using the internal winding with a resistance of 1 OHM it was drawing around 2.

You also need an R-C snubber across the transformer to snub switching spikes. November 23, at May 26, at Website layout by Elinorand Eirik Taylor, Also my power source is v ma. Then make sure both supplies are grounded to a common point.

All projects are for noncommercial use only. The amplitude of the spikes is in the millivolt range. I also built it on a test board. A load is needed to dampen back emfs and, these are likely to be destroying the by being capacitive coupled thru the several hundred oF drain-gate capacitance of the fet.