Jan 29, John Huang. The closest I’ve come to instructions is this command: Take a look around the list but I would start here. I use the Areca and it seems to be well supported by Solaris. I ran a few tests to see what kind of performance I could expect out of zfs first, before I added gluster on top, that way I would have better idea about where the bottleneck if any existed. After finding the function that sets the extended attributes on Solaris, the following patch was created:.

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I have pci-e as well as pci-x on my board so I don’t care about a bus.

Apr 06, Matt Connolly. Setup for the two OS drives was pretty straight forward, we created a two disk mirrored rpool.

How do you install the driver for a 3ware RAID card in Opensolaris?

So, I installed thebooted the fileserver and ran scanpci: You may also find it useful to know that you can mount the ISO directly after download: Sign up using Email and Password.

Since we have 48 disks to work with for our data pool, we created a total of 6 Raid-z2 vdevs, oprnsolaris consisting of 7 physical disks.

The card itself isn’t loud, but if you have have lots of hard drives they can be loud. I think this motherboard would be a good pick if I was building a media server instead of strictly a storage server. Just remember to re-enable to snapshots after the resilver and you should be all set.


3Ware release OpenSolaris support for SA and SE controllers

Currently we have a 2 node Gluster cluster, we are using the replicate translator in order to provide Raid-1 type mirroring of the filesystem. I was able to list the extended attributes using the following command: Maybe ech HBA needs a wiki subpage? Sign up using Facebook.

After finding the function that sets the extended attributes on Solaris, the following patch was created:. To find out more about Gluster you can visit Gluster. There is also a commercial opensolafis called the Nexenta storage appliance which is a the Nexentra distribution packaged as a zfs based storage server.

At this point I am unsure if the problem that I experienced had anything to do with that specific bug number, however what I do know is that after commenting out the automated snapshot entries from the crontab on that server, the drive resilvering finished quickly and without error, and I have not had any problems since. Depending on the price, this solution might also be 3war to store a majority of our digital archive audio and video.

It only uses the “cmdk” ide drivers, not ahci. Unfortunately I am no longer able to continue this experiment and need to move on.

How do you install the driver for a 3ware RAID card in Opensolaris? – Ars Technica OpenForum

All the files showed up on both nodes, so far so good. What I was able to find out was this:. This motherboard also used the Realtek chipset for networking as well, so I decided to continue my search. What I would like to openssolaris is that someone can get an HBA and know if it will work and if they need to perform specail configuration BIOS or firmware screens or special flashing as I did for my M cards.


Sat Feb 13, 1: This new tool requires no new APIs and is able to script out and rapidly automate any information inserted in the CLI allowing cloud administrators 3are ability to simply automate large scale operations. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled.

I have decided to delete my entries from the HCL. Here are the specs for the current hardware I am using to test: I came across an interesting project last week while doing some research on OpenSolaris and zfs.

Jul 15, Anonymous. This will allow us to have a disk failure in the root pool and still be able to boot the system. This opensolais what I see in my system log files in Napp-it over and over and over again as files are read This setup gives up 75TB of space 53TB usable per node, while leaving 6 disks available to use as spares. I was also asked to make sure there would be enough space to meet our needs over the opensolarid few years.